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Guatemala Summer Project, Postponed


As a church, we have experienced some transformative encounters in Guatemala. five trips, thirty one team members, and thousands given in aid and water relief. The stories we have told of God's movement and the ways in which those experiences have nudged us toward Christlikeness are impossible to measure. For [...]

Guatemala Summer Project, Postponed2018-05-03T03:19:44-07:00

Church Planter Unravelled


When my family set out with Teri, Sean, Adam, and a few others to start a church from scratch I knew there would be landmines  to avoid. I read the books and listened to those who had gone before me talk about the importance of gathering a big enough crowd, [...]

Church Planter Unravelled2018-03-16T04:54:28-07:00

Season of Unity – DC Kids Edition


Come on in, DC kids spaces are meant to be shared with our Disciples Family. Commonly found – music playing loudly, energy filled rounds of musical chairs, snacks generously shared with the floor, kiddos speaking in OUTSIDE VOICES, and Christ’s Love radiating louder and grander than anything else in the [...]

Season of Unity – DC Kids Edition2018-02-25T03:44:27-08:00

Experiences that Change Us


Has a worship experience ever changed your life? I’ve had a few that I can vividly remember. I was at a church men’s retreat in the early 2000‘s and there was a group of us worshiping with a large Native American drum. It was during that time that God began [...]

Experiences that Change Us2018-02-25T03:32:50-08:00

Celebrate Eight!


I cannot believe it’s been eight years since we launched Disciples Church. In some respects the time has flown by, but in other ways and for many people in our church, Disciples represents a lifetime of spiritual direction in their efforts to nudge closer to God and community. There have [...]

Celebrate Eight!2017-09-26T14:26:55-07:00

Mission Trip Aftermath: Detox, Rehab or Renewal?


Yesterday I returned from what I think was my seventeenth mission trip. Read on, it’s not as spiritual or impressive as you might think. I’ve been on mission trips in several American inner cities, Mormon headquarters, Paraguay, Mexico and Guatemala. Each trip is unique and I’ve learned to expect the [...]

Mission Trip Aftermath: Detox, Rehab or Renewal?2017-02-15T03:30:22-08:00
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