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Set ‘Em Up to Win


Two weeks ago I had the privilege to make the trip from sunny California, where God is, to spend a few days in Dallas, where He is obviously...not. While there, I was at the Monday Night Football game when the Cowboys narrowly defeated their divisional rivals The Redskins. Now let [...]

Set ‘Em Up to Win 2017-04-30T02:13:33+00:00

80 Percent Is the New 100


As a former athlete and current church planter I am well acquainted with the idea of 'playing injured'. As a full time road cyclist I raced with broken bones, separated joints, tendonitis, fevers and worse. As a church planter I have given talks on joy when I was sad. I [...]

80 Percent Is the New 100 2017-04-30T02:17:00+00:00



As a leader, especially a church leader, discouragement is something with which I am well acquainted. In some ways it is the commodity we trade in, you work hard to keep those you lead encouraged, so momentum continues. You spend even more time trying to lift UP those who are [...]

Discouragement 2017-04-30T02:17:04+00:00

Unplanned Collaboration


  Last night while watching a documentary, The Pixar Story, I was reminded of an important leadership practice. In the course of the documentary, John Lasseter, founder of Pixar and current Chief Creative Officer of Disney, made a statement about what he calls "UNPLANNED COLLABORATION". It is this [...]

Unplanned Collaboration 2017-04-30T02:17:12+00:00

Subtraction by Multiplication


We've all heard the term, 'addition by subtraction'. As a church leader there are times when the best way you can lead your organization to the "next level" is to remove a few variables. Most notably, to ask some people to leave. This is true, and also NOT the topic [...]

Subtraction by Multiplication 2017-04-30T02:17:15+00:00

Apollo 13 Leadership in the Church


Recently I found myself sitting over coffee with a young and insightful leader who burns with passion, albeit cynical passion, for Christ's church. It's a conversation I've had countless times in the last two years as a first-time church planter. It's a cynicism, which, to some degree I understand. I [...]

Apollo 13 Leadership in the Church 2017-04-30T02:18:05+00:00
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