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Unplanned Collaboration


  Last night while watching a documentary, The Pixar Story, I was reminded of an important leadership practice. In the course of the documentary, John Lasseter, founder of Pixar and current Chief Creative Officer of Disney, made a statement about what he calls "UNPLANNED COLLABORATION". It is this [...]

Unplanned Collaboration2017-04-30T02:17:12-07:00

Subtraction by Multiplication


We've all heard the term, 'addition by subtraction'. As a church leader there are times when the best way you can lead your organization to the "next level" is to remove a few variables. Most notably, to ask some people to leave. This is true, and also NOT the topic [...]

Subtraction by Multiplication2017-04-30T02:17:15-07:00

Apollo 13 Leadership in the Church


Recently I found myself sitting over coffee with a young and insightful leader who burns with passion, albeit cynical passion, for Christ's church. It's a conversation I've had countless times in the last two years as a first-time church planter. It's a cynicism, which, to some degree I understand. I [...]

Apollo 13 Leadership in the Church2017-04-30T02:18:05-07:00

Lowly Leaders Welcome


This past Sunday we served communion at Disciples Church. This worship experience is one that has been celebrated since the Last Supper of Christ as a reminder of the price Jesus paid, illustrating our privilege to connect with Him directly. We take a small piece of bread and [...]

Lowly Leaders Welcome2017-04-30T02:17:22-07:00

Giving & Attendance Trends: Heroin for Church Leaders


As a leader of any sort there are things we measure in the well-intentioned efforts towards illustrating trends. With trends in hand we then evaluate our efforts or the efforts of the project we’re leading. If we are in retail leadership we measure profits, contacts and expenses. If [...]

Giving & Attendance Trends: Heroin for Church Leaders2017-04-30T02:17:27-07:00

The Carpool of Life


Recently I was driving with some of our church leaders and dear friends to an event. We could not all fit in one car and as happens many times in life (at least in America) we found ourselves driving several cars to one destination. Now for those of [...]

The Carpool of Life2017-04-30T02:17:31-07:00

Snow, Sleds and Cynicism


While away on a family vacation this past week Jen and I spent many hours standing together watching our kids play in the snow. They rolled around in it for hours laughing and playing. Yet without fail, the fun was always followed by the cold and wet feeling [...]

Snow, Sleds and Cynicism2017-04-30T02:17:33-07:00

My Bad!


If you've ever played basketball with me you know that I have very little skill. Really the only way I ever even made the team was on what the coach called, "hustle". Coaches used to say, "Streeter's got hustle." Which at the time just seemed like a kind way of [...]

My Bad!2017-04-30T02:17:34-07:00
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