What Are The Rules?


This past week I was sharing a meal with our newest staff member, Jason, when he posed a question I had never heard before: "What are the rules here?" I was intrigued and really engaged not only in trying to get him a suitable answer that was honest and true [...]

What Are The Rules?2017-04-30T02:11:10-07:00

The Chase is On


Yesterday I sat with a fellow church planter in a restaurant in Southern California discussing the best ways to lead the various people that come in and out of our new churches. My colleague's frustration with the state of people's pursuits in church was obvious and while I know him [...]

The Chase is On2017-04-30T02:11:13-07:00

Suffering’s Essential Role in the Formation of Perfect Leaders


Yesterday on my way home from the office I stopped off at Ted's house (Ted is our worship leader) to sit on his patio and talk for a bit. Not only do these talks feed my soul but they tend to be a welcomed and unpredictable mix of topical discussion [...]

Suffering’s Essential Role in the Formation of Perfect Leaders2017-04-30T02:11:31-07:00

Burnt by Vision


Amidst the rock n roll revolution of the free-love sixties was a dream, pushed forward by Martin Luther King Jr. A few years later the seventies greeted world leaders with public threats of nuclear war set against the back drop of a simple and very hopeful message to millions through [...]

Burnt by Vision2017-04-30T02:13:10-07:00

‘Missional’: The Smoke Screen For Evangelism-Hating Hipsters.


Let me paint for you a picture. It’s one that I live in real time on a somewhat regular basis, it’s something I, from here on out will, refer to as Church Planter’s Groundhog Day:   It’s Wednesday afternoon, 4p. I am sitting in a local pub (Starbucks was so [...]

‘Missional’: The Smoke Screen For Evangelism-Hating Hipsters.2017-04-30T02:13:14-07:00
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