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Mission Trip Aftermath: Spiritual Formation after Spiritual Awakening

June 14th, 2024|Leading Thoughts|

Yesterday I returned from what I think was my nineteenth or twentieth mission trip. I’ve been on mission trips in several North American inner cities, Mormon headquarters in Utah, Cameroon, Paraguay, Mexico, and Guatemala.    Read on, it’s not as spiritual or impressive as you might think.    So you’d [...]

We Can Do Hard Things

August 2nd, 2020|Leading Thoughts|

Written by Guest Columnist, and all-around delightful human being, Britney Stone [EDITORIAL NOTE: This article was originally shared in conjunction with a sermon given to our online community on August 2, 2020. You can view that sermon by using the link to our LiveStream. The sermon begins at the 42 [...]

Proclamation of Unity Regarding the Opening of Churches in Folsom

May 28th, 2020|Leading Thoughts|

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced unprecedented challenges to our nation, state, and city. We, the leaders of the Christian churches in Folsom, are grateful for the tireless work of our government leaders who are striving to lead well during these perilous times. We realize there are no prefabricated templates with [...]

The Kingdom Role Reversal: How the Smallest Churches in Town Can Change the World this Month

March 15th, 2020|Leading Thoughts|

“Free backpacks for every child in attendance, just come to our church this weekend!” — the headline read on a local church’s website some years ago.   And come to church that weekend they did. In the thousands. In fact weekend after weekend for decades they piled through the doors of thousands [...]

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