I cannot believe it’s been eight years since we launched Disciples Church. In some respects the time has flown by, but in other ways and for many people in our church, Disciples represents a lifetime of spiritual direction in their efforts to nudge closer to God and community. There have been dozens of baptisms, countless decisions for Christ, five trips to Guatemala, support of eight other church plants, camps, retreats, VBS, BBQ’s, weddings, and more. The hand of God has moved mightily as we have courageously joined him on mission in our city and around the world.


There is so much more to do, of course. In the year ahead we will continue to focus on the future of a Shingle Springs/Cameron Park Campus Launch. We will take another team to Guatemala and hopefully provide clear water to hundreds of households. We will help more churches start from scratch. And we will relentlessly invite people near and far from God to take their next steps in nudging closer.


As we approach the celebration of eight years I’d like to challenge you to do a few things,


  • Invite a friend with you on October 22nd. This is a day not-to-be-missed! Enclosed you’ll find some fliers to hand out providing all the information. Use one as a personal reminder and give the others to those you’re inviting to join you. Further, I’d encourage you to meet your guests at Kingdom Coffee 30 minutes prior to our gathering and have a coffee with them, just present the flier and the coffee is on us. Grab additional fliers anytime you’re at the building or email michelle@discipleschurch.net and we will mail you as many as you need.
  • Bring a gift for Catalyst Church, Woodland. We have set up a “baby registry” on Amazon so we can help them get into their first full-time building. You’ll remember Catalyst as one of the eight church plants we helped launch. They are making a huge impact in Woodland and we all know what a difference a new space can make, so let’s bring our gifts for Catalyst on Anniversary Sunday and bless their efforts richly as we continue our commitment to Kingdom first, Empire last. You can shop for Catalyst now using their online registry.

Playing my part alongside each one of you has been one of the highest honors of my life, and I am convinced the best days of Disciples Church are yet to come!

-Pastor Stu