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A modern masterpiece of oil on canvas.
The coo of a well-fed newborn.
A summer night’s sky through the lens of a telescope.

These things, and thousands more like them, are beautiful nonsense. We look on in awe like ants trying to explain quantum physics, knowing somehow deep within our souls it’s all too wonderful for us.

When Jesus Christ turned himself into the authorities it was so nonsensical to his friends that one of them cut the ear off the arresting officer while all the others simply ran away. His trial confounded everyone present, death became the only viable option. And that crown of thorns? It was designed to insult, but in reality it represented as accurate a symbol of Jesus’ humble kingship as anything could.

And then Sunday morning rolled around. An earthquake, a missing body, bribes, and a whole bunch of people – good and evil alike – who couldn’t make sense of the beauty they were experiencing.

Join us online this Easter Sunday and beyond; we are real people, making sense of life, living the beautiful way of Jesus together.

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