Elders Prep

Elders Prep is the development process of Disciples Church for raising up exceptional leaders for the biblical call of leading the church. Disciples Church is not a community led by votes, consensus, or strong personalities pushing their way to the top.

We are led by the head of the church, Jesus.

As such, we intentionally invite people into our formal leadership development process with the hope of multiplying the church and its impact in Folsom and beyond.

Being an exceptional leader does not necessarily prepare you to pastor. In the same way, having a pastor’s heart does not mean you have the skills needed to lead at Disciples. Elders Prep serves to evaluate, prepare, and commune with those who sense God’s tug to serve on Disciple’s Elder Team.


READINGS: Click the links do download each document

Theology 1 | Nature and Task of Theology – Karl Barth

Theology 2 | How Can the Bible be Authoritative? – N.T. Wright

Theology 3 | The Trinity – Stanley J. Grenz and John R. Franke

Theology 4 | The King Jesus Gospel – Scot McKnight

Theology 5 | Teaching Theology from a Missional Perspective – John R. Franke

Theology 6 | The Theology of a Robust Gospel – Stu Streeter

Theology 7 | Ministry and the Miraculous – Lewis B. Smedes


READINGS: Click the links do download each document

Ecclesiology 1 | History of the Church – Gary Black Jr.

Ecclesiology 2 | The Advantage – Patrick Lencioni

Ecclesiology 3 | Genetic Material for Thriving Churches – Howard A. Snyder

Ecclesiology 4 | Surprised by the Power of the Spirit – Jack Deere

Ecclesiology 5 | Women’s Service in the Church – N.T. Wright

Ecclesiology 6 | Women in Ministry – John Piper

Ecclesiology 7 | Egalitarians and Complementarians Together? – Timothy George


READINGS:Click the links do download each document

Missiology 1 | On Becoming a Missional People – Cam Roxburgh

Missiology 2 | The Mission of the Triune God – Lesslie Newbigin

Missiology 3 | 8 to 15 – Tom Mercer

Missiology 4 | Prevailing Multiplication Culture – Todd Wilson

Missiology 5 | Becoming a Multiplying Church – Todd Wilson and Dave Ferguson

Missiology 6 | What is the Soul? – John Ortberg

Missiology 7 | Spiritual Formation – Dallas Willard