The mission of DC kids is to partner with families in new and exciting ways to raise well-adjusted kids who love God and love His church.

2020 had an isolating affect on so many of us, and our kids felt that as well. Now more than ever Disciples wants to join you in partnership to reconnect with you and your kids as we begin to gradually reintroduce a DC kids program to our Sunday morning experience with fun and joy. Below you will find more details on what you can expect from our kids environment. As with our larger adult gathering, our goal with our kids environment it to balance the biblical mandate of gathering in community with efforts designed to ensure that our gatherings are not spreading Covid-19. We will provide a safe, clean environment for your children to play and learn.

Volunteers are the backbone of our Sunday morning experience. If you are interested in joining us on this mission to share the love of God with the kids in our community, please click on the link below to email our Children’s Ministry Director, Ruth Zive.

We look forward to seeing you at our Sunday gathering!

Contact the Children’s Ministry Director

Current DC kids Environment


  • Infant Space: 8 weeks – 18 months
  • Toddler Space: 18 months – 3 years


Kids 4 years – 5th grade will join parents for family worship and then will be dismissed to the Elementary classroom for a short Bible lesson, small group time, and supervised play.

Some things to know about our DC kids environments:

  • Capacity in each environment is set to accommodate 12 children
  • We will not be serving snacks (see the FAQ section below)
  • Touch free check-in is available via the Church Center app. Our team will be available at the check in station to help first time families navigate the check in process seamlessly, it takes just a few minutes


Nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of your children. That’s why we’ve chosen Planning Center Check Ins to bring you the best experience at check-in and to provide you as parents the ability to act as a team with us to keep them in safe hands. After creating a simple profile on your first visit with us Planning Center provides you and your child with matching tags, insuring your child’s safety as well as giving us a means to contact you discreetly during the adult gathering if you are needed. The whole process takes only a few minutes on your first visit.

Our regular families are encouraged to download and use the Church Center app to check-in on their way to church, scan the barcode when you arrive, and be on your way. Download the app here and watch a short video on how the check-in process works. We also will have a volunteer at the Check-in station each Sunday to help if needed.


Who will by with my child?2021-07-19T14:45:56-07:00

Every person serving in DC Kids is there to love children. Each adult volunteer goes through a background check, a training orientation, and is supervised by a ministry leader.

What if my child is upset?2021-07-19T14:47:36-07:00

Many children have initial separation anxiety but calm down very quickly.  If your child remains upset for a longer that 10-15 minutes, we will send you a text message or send someone to get you.

What if my child is sick?2021-07-19T14:48:35-07:00

DC kids Health and Wellness Policy: In our DC kids environments, we strive to provide a safe, clean place for all children to play and learn. Please do not drop your child off if in the last 48 hours your child has had:

  • A fever,
  • Diarrhea/vomiting,
  • Persistent Cough,
  • Clouded / Colored runny nose,
  • Unknown rash,
  • Or any illness treated by an antibiotic
What if my child has special needs?2021-07-19T14:48:06-07:00

Have a child with special needs or want to discuss how we can partner with you further? Contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Ruth Zive at ruth@discipleschurch.net, or call the church office to set up a meeting at 916-850-5655.

What snacks are served?2021-07-19T14:49:13-07:00

As part of our Covid-19 health and safety protocols, we have determined that providing snacks in the childcare environment is a high risk activity, and will not be serving snacks at this time.

Would you like to discuss anything with our staff? Contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Ruth Zive, at ruth@discipleschurch.net, or call the church office to set up a meeting at 916-850-5655.

Happening at DC Kids

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