What snacks are served?


As part of our Covid-19 health and safety protocols, we have determined that providing snacks in the childcare environment is a high risk activity, and will not be serving snacks at this time.

What snacks are served?2021-04-15T15:06:42-07:00

What if my child has special needs?


Have a child with special needs or want to discuss how we can partner with you further? Contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Ruth Zive at ruth@discipleschurch.net, or call the church office to set up a meeting at 916-850-5655.

What if my child has special needs?2017-01-16T07:24:50-08:00

What if my child is upset?


Many children have initial separation anxiety but calm down very quickly.  If your child remains upset for a longer that 10-15 minutes, we will send you a text message or send someone to get you.

What if my child is upset?2021-04-15T15:07:14-07:00

Who will by with my child?


Every person serving in DC Kids is there to love children. Each adult volunteer goes through a background check, a training orientation, and is supervised by a ministry leader.

Who will by with my child?2021-04-22T11:20:10-07:00
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