Who will be with my child?


Every person serving in DC Kids is there to love children. Each adult volunteer goes through a background check, a training orientation, and is supervised by a ministry leader.

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What if my child is upset?


Many children have initial separation anxiety but calm down very quickly.  If your child remains upset for longer than 10-15 minutes, we will send you a text message or send someone to get you.

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What if my child is sick?


DC kids Health and Wellness Policy: In our DC kids environments, we strive to provide a safe, clean place for all children to play and learn. Please do not drop your child off if in the last 48 hours your child has had: A fever, Diarrhea/vomiting, Persistent Cough, Clouded / [...]

What if my child is sick?2021-07-19T14:48:35-07:00

What if my child has special needs?


Have a child with special needs or want to discuss how we can partner with you further? Our Children’s Ministry Director, Amy Murakami, has a Special Education degree and would love to hear from you. Contact her at amy@disciples.church, or call the church office to set up a meeting at [...]

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What snacks are served?


Our nursery children have access to Gerber puffs and oats cereal on a weekly basis. Food is only given with parent permission and can be specified during check in. Students in preschool and elementary classes have occasional access to snacks like cereal, fruit, and candy. When food is present in [...]

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