Four Pursuits of Next Ten


NEXT TEN PURSUITS Disciples entered her tenth year in fall 2019 and we sensed a clear and clarion call from God to continue to press into our little part of God’s big plans in this critical time in the history of our city and world. We continue to nudge toward [...]

Four Pursuits of Next Ten2020-08-09T06:56:50-07:00

A Movement of Fasting & Prayer


When the Bluemel family dropped Tanner off at Grand Canyon University just a few years ago I remember their expectation was to miss him terribly, but that was overwhelmed by their excitement for his first adult adventure. Their first born, full of optimism and promise for the years ahead and [...]

A Movement of Fasting & Prayer2020-08-06T15:38:41-07:00

We Can Do Hard Things


Written by Guest Columnist, and all-around delightful human being, Britney Stone [EDITORIAL NOTE: This article was originally shared in conjunction with a sermon given to our online community on August 2, 2020. You can view that sermon by using the link to our LiveStream. The sermon begins at the 42 [...]

We Can Do Hard Things2020-08-03T08:54:30-07:00

Proclamation of Unity Regarding the Opening of Churches in Folsom


The COVID-19 pandemic has produced unprecedented challenges to our nation, state, and city. We, the leaders of the Christian churches in Folsom, are grateful for the tireless work of our government leaders who are striving to lead well during these perilous times. We realize there are no prefabricated templates with [...]

Proclamation of Unity Regarding the Opening of Churches in Folsom2020-05-28T13:37:24-07:00

The Kingdom Role Reversal: How the Smallest Churches in Town Can Change the World this Month


“Free backpacks for every child in attendance, just come to our church this weekend!” — the headline read on a local church’s website some years ago.   And come to church that weekend they did. In the thousands. In fact weekend after weekend for decades they piled through the doors of thousands [...]

The Kingdom Role Reversal: How the Smallest Churches in Town Can Change the World this Month2020-03-16T04:03:18-07:00

Life Groups as THE Disciple Making Engine in Disciples Church


This past Saturday twenty-some people gathered at my home for a meal and some envisioning what it might look like to join God on his mission to make disciples in a changing church that finds herself in the midst of a radically changing city. For those unable to make it, [...]

Life Groups as THE Disciple Making Engine in Disciples Church2019-08-27T05:23:46-07:00

Trinity – Iconography, Devotion, and Invitation


Andrei Rublov's Icon depicting the Trinity through the mysterious visit by three angels to Abraham and Sarah provides an insight into a very confounding passage of Scripture found in Genesis 18. Read Henri Nouwen's thoughts on the icon below. Doc - Jan 26 2019 - 12-28 PM For more on [...]

Trinity – Iconography, Devotion, and Invitation2019-01-26T13:10:34-08:00

Guatemala Summer Project, Postponed


As a church, we have experienced some transformative encounters in Guatemala. five trips, thirty one team members, and thousands given in aid and water relief. The stories we have told of God's movement and the ways in which those experiences have nudged us toward Christlikeness are impossible to measure. For [...]

Guatemala Summer Project, Postponed2018-05-03T03:19:44-07:00

Church Planter Unravelled


When my family set out with Teri, Sean, Adam, and a few others to start a church from scratch I knew there would be landmines  to avoid. I read the books and listened to those who had gone before me talk about the importance of gathering a big enough crowd, [...]

Church Planter Unravelled2018-03-16T04:54:28-07:00

Season of Unity – DC Kids Edition


Come on in, DC kids spaces are meant to be shared with our Disciples Family. Commonly found – music playing loudly, energy filled rounds of musical chairs, snacks generously shared with the floor, kiddos speaking in OUTSIDE VOICES, and Christ’s Love radiating louder and grander than anything else in the [...]

Season of Unity – DC Kids Edition2018-02-25T03:44:27-08:00
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