Has a worship experience ever changed your life? I’ve had a few that I can vividly remember. I was at a church men’s retreat in the early 2000‘s and there was a group of us worshiping with a large Native American drum. It was during that time that God began to restore and rebuild my heart. It started the healing process from some wounds that, until then, had been hindering my relationship with God. In 2012, I was fortunate enough to be at Bethel Church in Redding and witnessed a supernatural manifestation that could not be explained. The experience opened my mind to the reality that the Holy Spirit passionately desires to be active in our lives.

Another more recent time was the launch of our current Disciples Church location. The sense of community, purpose and commitment was so polarizing. We needed “all hands on deck” and everyone came together. We invited friends and family and ministry partners to join us in our first service and there was a buzz around the building. Everyone attending was intent on establishing our new location as a place where people would be discipled and nudged closer to God.

Something happens when we all gather together under one roof to worship God. I can’t put my finger on why this is but I know God does things that we, here on earth, do not have language for. As we launch into this new Season of Unity, I am expecting an increased sense of direction and focus. But beyond that, when we gather together, we can look at our peers, our family, and admire how they worship God. Something changes in us. When we join together as a group, anything is possible.

Do you remember the story of the Tower of Babel? The Lord came down to the city and said, “they are unified, they can do anything” Gen 11. God had to physically interrupt their progress and scatter their language. Let’s turn that example around. WE are physically interrupting the norm around DC. I encourage you to embrace this time and unify together in one service, one church, one voice in worship.

I cannot wait to see you on Sunday morning!

-Pastor Jason