My Bad!


If you've ever played basketball with me you know that I have very little skill. Really the only way I ever even made the team was on what the coach called, "hustle". Coaches used to say, "Streeter's got hustle." Which at the time just seemed like a kind way of [...]

Raising Resources


There is a saying my cycling coach used to say to me often when I would race foolishly. The saying goes, "You cannot win the race in the first mile, but you can certainly lose the race in the first mile." As it relates to leaders and raising [...]

High Mileage Leader


While there is a certain allure to a brand new car, I've never found myself too impressed by those kinds of cars. You aren't either, I bet. Just think of the conversations you have from time to time with a person about their car. You say, "nice car", "thanks", they [...]

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